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Tax benefits for expat retirees in Portugal: Latest news 2020

Posted by Cristina Commellini on 22/05/2020
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In the recent weeks, there has been much talk about some possible changes in the Portuguese tax system and its repercussions on those who decide to move to Portugal.
With this post we intend to clarify the matter.
The Portuguese parliament has approved a bill passed by the left party which asked to raise the minimum tax rate for those who obtain non-habitual residence in Portugal up to 10%.
This proposal is now being examined by the President of the Portuguese Republic (who like the Italian one has the veto power), that could accept it in full, or send it back to parliament with a request for repeal or modification.

What would this entail for European pensioners if it was approved?

For those who acquired tax residence in Portugal in 2019 or before, nothing changes. They will continue to enjoy the benefits and rights acquired.

All the others will still be able to take advantage of the tax exemption program if they complete the procedure for acquiring the status of non-habitual resident WITHIN March 31st 2021.

For clarity sake please view the link to the official website:

If you still have doubts, feel free to contact us by phone and/or write to us. Next week the Vivo in Portogallo team is organising a “Live Streaming Session” on Instagram and Facebook where we will answer your questions live.

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