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Posted by Cristina Commellini on 04/06/2020
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Portugal is not the garden of Eden nor the El Dorado. This site mainly aims to offer information and support and maybe turn on a light bulb for you!

We say this because Portugal could offer you much more than you expect and positively surprise you. It is a member country of the European Community (therefore the currency is the Euro) with adequate and avant-garde infrastructures: beautiful highways, modern schools and a functional and efficient health system. It also boasts cities of considerable cultural importance such as Lisbon and Porto… and the list goes on…

Do you believe it?

To get down to specifics, let’s imagine, for example, a move down to the southern Algarve region.
This region, a little less than Liguria, is located in the southernmost part of Portugal overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has a very favorable climate: it rains very little and even in the hottest months, in the evening hours, a little wind always blows that allows you to sleep without fighting with an oppressive heat. Although in Summer the temperatures can go quite a bit over 30 degrees, during winter they rarely fall below 10 and it is not unusual to have days in February in which during the hottest hours exceed 20.

Chi Siamo Vivo in Portogallo

The landscape is characterized by immense beaches of gold-coloured sand and pristine coasts, a highly sought-after destination for sunbathers and surfers. All this rakes in abundant tourism from northern European countries that, as we know, love to stop in Italian cafes, pizzerias, restaurants and ice cream parlours to taste our typical flavours. The average salary of a Portuguese person is less than 600 euros and the rent of a one-bedroom apartment in a seaside town costs about 400/500 euros a month and if you wanted to buy it, you can do it with an investment lower than 100,000 euros.

That’s why more and more pensioners who in Italy are really struggling to make ends meet and who are just surviving move here to have a decent life and enjoy their old age.

Algarve Portogallo Benvenuti in Portogallo

“What if you’re still young and enterprising and you want to start your own business in Portugal?”

Just think of this: according to a study published by the newspaper “La Repubblica” the tax burden on companies in Italy in 2016 was 43.6% and we know that in recent years this trend has been growing. According to the same newspaper that of Portugal and BEN TEN POINTS PERCENTAGE LOWER because it does not reach 34% and in some cases it can be limited to 25% !!!

Tempting right? Does it seem too good to be true?

Then you just have to try and test it for yourself.
In this blog post you will find some information on places of greatest interest, experiences from fellow Italians who have already successfully exported their activities and those who are simply enjoying their retirement in this attractive country.

So what are you waiting for? Be adventurous and become happy!

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