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New office in Vivo in Portogallo in Portimao, Algarve

Posted by Cristina Commellini on 21/05/2020
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Hello everyone! The following interview is with a young entrepreneur from Lombardy who, thanks to her skills and remarkable tenacity, has created a successful business in the Algarve, Portugal in just a few months. We asked 5 questions.

Hello, tell us about yourself…

My name is Nicole Losurdo, I’m 28 and I come from Seregno, in Brianza. I have been an ice-cream chef since 2015. I studied at the Carpigiani University and later collaborated with them, participating in the Gelato World Tour in Chicago, where I was honoured with a certificate of Gelato Angel. I went on to gain experience in a number of ice cream shops, in order to perfect the technique. After extensive consideration and several exploratory trips in the company of my partner, I felt ready and decided to open an ice cream parlour in Portugal, more precisely on the seafront of Praia de Rocha, in the Algarve. We completed our first season recently and I am preparing, more determined than ever, for the second with the knowledge that in such a short time my shop has made a good name and built a loyal clientele, to the point of receiving exciting collaboration proposals and prestige.

“Only one thing makes a dream impossible, the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

How did you get to open a business in the Algarve?

Initially we wanted to open the ice cream parlor in the USA, but for various reasons I changed my mind. I learned that passion alone, without the possibility of making a good investment does not lead far. However, to develop this project, it would have to be in a country with a straight-forward bureaucracy, a developing country and that would have a satisfactory quality of life. We did our research and the answer was … Portugal! So we launched the project!

What challenges have you faced and which are you currently facing?

As for the Algarve, where I work, the biggest challenge is seasonality. The ice cream parlour is only open seven months a year, three of which are the most intense/the busiest. Therefore, in those months you have to concentrate on your job and try to get the best out of the opportunities presented to you. As regards the rest, we found a relatively straightforward bureaucracy, a warmly welcoming population and a different language that’s not too difficult to learn. This does not mean that everything is easy: moving, adapting to a different climate and diet, learning a foreign language and learning how to get about in another country is never easy; it takes grit and passion… but it is possible!


What advice would you give those who are starting down the same path?

Regardless of the path that one wants to follow, my advice would be to embark on the journey with the awareness that it takes courage and resolve. Nobody gives anything for free in this world but I have learned that determination and conscientious choices help a lot in reaching one’s personal goals. Fighting for your dreams is never wrong!

Avenida Tomas Cabreira, Loja 2, near Hotel Oriental
Praia Da Rocha, Faro, Portugal
+351 966 114 794

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