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Long-Term Rentals in Portugal

Posted by Cristina Commellini on 11/06/2020
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Many of us, ourselves included, had to juggle the difficulties of finding a flat to rent in Portugal or will have to try their hand at this shortly. The biggest problem is that many owners prefer to rent their apartments only for the summer, as they can make significant profits. But fortunately, this trend is gradually ‘changing.

What do you need to know if you find an apartment with an annual contract that meets your needs?


In most cases, you will be required to pay a sum equivalent to three rental fees when you sign the contract, one being a deposit (which will be returned at the end of the contract once the integrity of the property is verified) and two months rent in advance.
After signing, the contract must be recorded electronically at the local Finance office by the owner upon payment of a registration tax equal to 10% of the fee. Once this operation has been carried out, it will be possible to ask the tenant for the certificate of residence and the transfer of the utilities.

Contracts may be annual or spanning several years and are generally renewable for the same period.
Usually the notice times for ending a contract vary from 30 to 90 days.
The condominium expenses are borne by the owner (who in special cases can ask for a contribution), while all the other utilities remain the responsibility of the tenant. Although the cost of the electricity supply is close to that of the Italian managers, that of water and garbage is considerably lower. Waste collection works very well and in many municipalities tap water is drinkable.

Maybe you could meet an owner who asks for a “fiador” and someone who gives a surety on your rental contract. If they do it is because they have already had some bad experiences and maybe not just with Italians. But don’t worry: in most cases the proof of income (retirement or work) of the previous year is a more than valid “fiador”.
Now all you have to do is find your perfect cottage … but forget the window in the bathroom!!

Vivo in Portogallo Trasferimenti


1. Read the details of the contract well (or get help from a translator) and make sure it is registered at the Finance office

Remember that, on signing, they will ask you for an amount equal to two or three months rent

3. Show proof of income (work or pension)

What if I want to buy?

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