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How to travel by motorway in Portugal

Posted by Cristina Commellini on 11/06/2020
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In this article we wish to explain the functioning of the Portuguese motorways. To do this with extreme clarity, it is necessary to make a distinction between Italian and Portuguese-type vehicles.

Italian plates in Portugal

As soon as you cross what was the Portuguese border, before the unification of Europe, you will find not only the sign “WELCOME TO PORTUGAL”, but also a blue indication for an offshoot lane to the right written in several languages ​​(but not in Italian) “FOR FOREIGNERS”. Following this indication, you will pass under a sort of toll booth where a picture is taken of the vehicle license plate and you will have to insert an international credit card on which all future tolls will be charged. Once in possession of a Portuguese tax code (NIF), you can decide to keep this choice or opt for payment with one of two “tools” that can be purchased at any post office.

The first one is a prepaid card of varying amounts that is associated with the car’s license plate (you have to show up at the counter with ID and the vehicle’s booklet) from which the toll amounts are progressively scaled.

2. The second possibility is to purchase another similar option in both use and function at our telepass VIA VERDE and which can be charged either by credit card, or at a Portuguese ATM (not the Italian one).

Portuguese plate

In this case, of course, the last two options described in the previous paragraph are valid, so you can choose between the prepaid card or Via Verde. However, if you rarely use the motorway there is a much simpler solution: make your journey and in the following three days go to a post office and show your vehicle registration document. They will immediately print the balance that you can pay at no additional cost.

For any further clarification or information consult the official website PORTUGAL TOLLS

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