Gli affitti in Portogallo

Long-Term Rentals in Portugal

Molti di noi, e pure chi scrive, ha dovuto destreggiarsi tra le difficoltà di trovare un appartamento in affitto in Portogallo o dovrà cimentarsi a breve in quest’impresa. Il problema maggiore è costituito dal fatto che molti proprietari preferiscono affittare i...
Quanto costa vivere in Portogallo?

How much does it cost to live in Portugal?

To those who already live in Portugal, this question is often asked. How can you answer? Perhaps the most logical and appropriate thing to answer is "IT DEPENDS". It depends on what I'm looking for and what kind of lifestyle I want to have, from the place where I settle, ...
Il mio telefonino italiano funziona in Portogallo?

Does my EU mobile work in Portugal?

All those who, like us, have decided to make Portugal their new country of residence sooner or later have had to face the issue of the telephone operator. The information we provide in this article is naturally subject to change as ...

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